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Mission Statement

Papenwohld gGmbH  is a non-profit organization located in the heart of Schleswig-Holstein. Our goal is to promote artists and creative professionals and to provide them with a forum, a place to give their creativity free reign and an event location. On an old farmyard, surrounded by idyllic meadows, old forests and lakes, we offer multifunctional rooms and the facilities to bring new, upcoming projects to life and to promote and communicate them to a wider audience. We strengthen cultural life in rural areas and its connection to the global and digital creative industries. Papenwohld wants to continue to grow as a network hub for artists and aspires to sow and propagate cultural seeds of global significance. 

Farmstead Papenwohld

Papenwohld was built in 1864 and is situated next to the Hüttener Berge Nature Reserve. The idyllic farmyard is harmoniously integrated into the natural environment of the surrounding landscape, surrounded only by woods and meadows. In 2006, the Bielfeldt family acquired the farm as a family home. Since then, Papenwohld has been gradually renovated, placing a conscious focus on maintaining and restoring traditional elements while still carrying out necessary modernisation work. The old farm buildings are used today for tourism marketing and are available for hire. They are also used for various cultural activities such as hayloft concerts, artists’ residencies, music album and video production, international creative camps, artists’ workshops, etc.

Tension field - CREATIVE ECONOMY

Digitization has democratized art and culture. Artistic productions can now be offered more easily than ever to a large, global target group - from anywhere. The economic revaluation of urban areas changes the references of artists and cultural workers in the city as a space. Gentrification and dehydration Urban biotopes let them search for new creative quarters again and again. Artistic expression needs new authenticity in global competition. The quality and identity of the room become the inspiration for an innovative creative process.


The rural area is changing. Jobs and future perspectives emerge where people can network across the space and at the same time experience personal quality of life and identity. In addition to flexible mobility services, fast internet and adequate health care, culture is also of central importance for sustainable rural development.