OUR team 2018


Jörn Bielfeldt - CEO & Creative Director


Born and raised in the idyllic countryside of the Schleswig-Holstein region in Germany, Jörn Bielfeldt, aka JBXDR first found an interest in music after discovering a dusty, forgotten drum-set in the basement of his Aunt’s home at just four years old, and has not looked back ever since. At the age of 23, Bielfeldt moved to Boston to study jazz drumming at the renowned Berklee College of Music , but soon became fatigued by the academic intellectualisation of the term "jazz", and rigid categories of genre-crossing. After graduating, he then moved to New York , where he continued to develop his musical knowledge skills, inspired by numerous collaborations – for example, Grammy-winning Esperanza Spalding , or Brooklyn-based Avantgarde band Uni Ika Ai . JBXDR now resides in Berlin Germany, where he continues to expand on his already accomplished, and inventive sound. 


Lena Ingwersen - Projectmanagement

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Originally from Schleswig-Holstein with Low German as her mother tongue, Lena Ingwersen has been rooted in Hamburg for more than eight years and has been working as a cultural and artist manager and DJ since her master's degree in cultural and media management in 2015. In addition to the consulting and management activities for u.a. Girls in Airports, Øya and JBXDR in Germany, she is co-founder of the transdisciplinary festival concept Hallo Festspiele and Schaltzentrale, an artistic format for spatial development in Hamburg. Since November 2016, she is the project manager for the Hamburg Music Business Association and for the Music Cities Network, a worldwide network of music cities with the aim of improving communication and cooperation. Lena sees her work as a cultural manager as an interface competence, which always openly and impartially brings together what is in fact incompatible and protects culture on the one hand from becoming merely an object of economic interests and on the other credibly communicates the enriching potential of art. For her, the Papenwohld project is a matter of the heart and the opportunity to combine her rural and urban worlds with innovative and sustainable ideas.

Jakob Gosch - Catering / Food Residency


Jakob Gosch comes from Holzbunge where he spend most of his childhood. After school he spread out and accumulated theoretical knowledge from politics to economics to agricultural economics in Greifswald and Kiel. This knowledge flowed into his profession - the implementation of the sustainable and ecological subsistence strategy from the field to the plate. Since 2012, he runs a farm shop for organically produced food with his family. He is co-initiator of the joint project "Biofleisch Hüttener Berge" and is in the change of generation on his parents' farm. Together with his father he produces Angus cattle for direct marketing as well as for selected restaurateurs (John's Burgers-Kiel, Carls Hütte - Büdelsdorf).

For the PAR no. 2, Jacob is the coordinator of the adjoining restaurateurs and producers. He spans a network for regional food with something special around the Artist Residency. The artists come into contact with the local delights and variations, as every day another cook brings his work exclusively to the gathering for the evening meal. The supply of the Residents is supplemented by regional breakfast and a regionally created lunch snack. Jakob's network also includes local producers and producers for the open house.

JurY 2018

The Papenwohld Artists’ Residency appoints a jury to assess applications. The jury has four members. The jury members are independent and are all experts from the music and cultural scene. The prerequisite for the selection of the 12 artists is the jury’s final vote. Each juror has 36 points that can be awarded to candidates. In the case of a tie, there is a second round of votes. The jury should take diversity and creativity adequately into account in its decisions. The jury’s votes are not public. Legal challenges to the decision are excluded. 

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After her training in marketing and a spell at the event agency Büro Lärm, in 1998 Friederike Meyer joined the label L’Age D’Or from Hamburg (and the Hambuger Schule music movement) and the associated music publisher Gold Musikverlag. In 2001, Friederike Meyer joined Buback, and since 2006 she has been managing director of Buback Tonträger und Konzerte GmbH together with Thorsten Seif. She also supervises the label and, with Seif, has also founded the music publishers Tod’s und Fred’s.


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Katharin Ahrend works as a cultural manager, curator and cultural-political representative in Berlin. Early in her career she established the music festival Rocken am Brocken in her homeland, the Harz. As part of a collective she has run an experimental concept stage “Manyfield” at the Feel Festival since 2016, which combines spatial theory and design with music, performance and visual arts. Katharin Ahrend also curates the artistic and participatory supporting program of the music and art festival Artlake.

http://manyfield.net  http://2og.website http://artlake-festival.de http://feel-festival.de http://alte-muenze-berlin.de

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Ruben Jonas Schnell is the founder, managing director and editorial director of the internet radio station ByteFM. He is a music journalist with a degree in musicology and American studies and has worked as a freelance editor and presenter on public radio since the early 1990s. He hosts the “Nachtclub” show on NDR Info every Friday.

http://rubenjonasschnell.com /// http://byte.fm 


Sven Helbig is a German composer for orchestra, choir and chamber music. In his live concerts he combines electronic music with classical instruments. In 1996 he founded the Dresden Symphony Orchestra together with the French horn player Markus Rindt. In 2007 he left the orchestra to devote himself more to his own musical work. Sven Helbig arranges and produces music for bands including Rammstein, the Pet Shop Boys, Snoop Dogg, Polarkreis 18, the opera singer René Pape, the pianist Olga Sheps and the Fauré Quartet. In addition, the multi-talented artist has also successfully worked as a director for music videos, stage shows and theatrical multimedia events.