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Kindermusikfestival postponed to Summer 2020

We have some great news and unfortunately a sad announcement: with a heavy heart, we decided to move our little festival next summer. We promise to realize the original plan even better next year and hope you can be patient with us.

The great news we’d like to share actually is part of our reasoning: after so many years of dreaming and a few years of development and testing, we have gained invaluable learning experiences, gained supporters and clarity, and hopefully, we're able to offer a few of you a special time or experience. Endless conversations and countless meetings and working hours later we are overjoyed to inform you that there is now also a 'real' perspective and a clear scope for Papenwohld. With the help of a subsidy from the future budget of the Economic Development Corporation of the district of Rendsburg-Eckernförde and a grand of the EU AktivRegion Eckernförde Bay, we will start the first construction phase on the hayloft starting from the beginning of the year. After successful completion of all work, we will begin to fill the Sidehouse and the Haybarn with lots of life and of course we will then continue and expand all existing projects such as the Papenwohld Artist Residency and all the dreams we can’t wait to share with you.


PAR No2 - The Documentary

A Film by Javier Sobremasaz

Between Harvest and Recording Studio - The fruits of a newly defined Artist Residence

SPRINGSTOFF releases Papenwohld Artist Residency No2 compilation.

Album:Playlist Front.jpg
Album : Playlist Back.jpg

The album features a variety of musical directions and blends: from sunshine, dance and joie de vivre by Alai K (Kenya), sociocritical lyrics by David Häußler aka form (D), Future Pop sung by Yule Post (D), a 90s pop Throwback by Yulie aka VEE 303 (D), cinematic instrumental music by the Hamburg pianist Tom Gatza, a series of electronic tracks by Berlin multimedia artist Valquire Veljkovic that invite you to dance, to shifted jazzy chords and bars by the Berlin Jazz saxophonist and composer Paul Berberich (D).


Releases are coming soon…

So happy to share the trailer for the documentary film about the Papenwohld Artist Residency No2 .


We are still speechless about the magical time we had during the 2nd Artist Residency in Papenwohld. We thank all who supported us, as well as all visitors on the day of the open door or at the final concert. Here is a small impression from our time in Papenwohld. We are in the middle of finishing all preparation for the releases. Updates will follow soon.

Photos by Jan Konitzki

PAR No2 Artist Announcement 

We are thrilled to finally announce the 12 artists of the Papenwohld Artist Residency No2.

Please welcome: Disco Vumbi - Alai Kform/primJona Caspar BährKen BuslayMentMona Harry, Paul Berberich Sera KaloTom GatzaValquire VeljkovicVEE to the Papenwohld family. We can’t wait to see what will come from this amazing group of people.

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PAR No2 News

We are very happy to finally tell you all, that the Papenwohld Artist Residency No2 is supported by the Ministry of Culture Schleswig-Holstein and that the patronage is taken over by the Minister of Education, Science and Culture, Karin Prien. As a non-profit organization, we rely on the active support of donors and sponsors from the region in order to sustainably establish Papenwohld as an enriching institution in the state. Find our campaign at WIR BEWEGEN.SH. We look forward to your support and are happy to let you know that we can provide an official donation receipt. 

PaR No 1 Album release

Papenwohld Artist Residency No 2

The application phase is over and we are getting so excited for our time together later in August after seeing all your amazing submissions. Thank you for applying. We will now sort through everything and will hand it over to our jury soon. Stay tuned, spread the love and keep rocking it until we’ll release their decision later in June. 

Papenwohld Artist Residency No 1

For five magical days in the fall of 2016, 15 internationally active artists lived and worked together in Papenwohld. The outcome: one record, a documentary film and a private show. You can watch the documentary here

Artists in Residence 2016:

Owen Ross, NYC / Berlin --- Emanuel Bender, Berlin --- Jonathan Walter, Berlin --- Nala Kaschus, Hamburg 

Marcel Kussel, Berlin --- Jovanka von Wilsdorf, Berlin --- Ofri Brin, Berlin --- Sebastian Gimm, Hamburg

Helge Hasselberg, Hamburg --- Marcus Rust, Berlin --- Phillip Oertel, Berlin --- Graziella Schazad, Hamburg 

Marianna Wagner, Hamburg --- Jörn Bielfeldt, NYC / Papenwohld

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