Papenwohld Artist Residency No2  

27th AUG - 2nd SEPT 2018

Twelve international artists from different disciplines were chosen to spend a week living and working together in Papenwohld. The result is a collaborative album, interdisciplinary art and a public performance.

The project promotes exchange between the artists and their different disciplines and supports their creative development without pursuing a commercial goal. The only aim is to make artistic and creative projects come into being. By linking different creative sectors, artists are provided with interesting stimuli to try out new ways of working. The program promotes contemporary music, regardless of genre, and cultural exchange, offering artists the opportunity to network internationally. The participants are selected and invited by an advisory jury based on a so-called Artistic Statement. 

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Under the patronage of Minister of Culture Ms. Karin Prien. Furthermore, we thank all our supporters:

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Alai K (Disco Vumbi) (Vocalist, Producer)

When he slips into his Disco Vumbi disguise, Kenayan Alai K bases. Mijikenda rhythms, Chakacha and Benga music on a slick computer bounce, including some singing by the man himself. On stage Disco Vumbi is a mix of live and DJ set, having rocked clubs from Nairobi to Kampala. Originally from Nairobi/Kenya and now residing in Berlin, Alai started out as a part of the Ukoo Flani Hip-Hop collective, Kenya's reply to the Wu-Tang Clan. As he became more and more interested in electronic music he started his solo project Disco Vumbi. The name refers to a saying from the 1970s when people would go out to a dance in the streets and came home covered in dust (vumbi). Disco Vumbi then provided the inaugurative release for Nyege Nyege Tapes, the beautiful "Boutiq Electroniq"

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Form (Producer, Songwriter)

Born and raised in the deeply conservative German Schwabenlandia, form discovered HipHop culture at the tender age of 13. Finally he was free. And so he has been ever since / everything else just don't make sense / Nowadays he even calls himself a Gutmensch / a Wutbürgerreizwort, it is where the truth ends / that we as humans beings are bound to stop the madness / and show these fucking stupid asshole morons what Jazz is (zwinkä zwinkä).

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Jona Caspar Bähr (Graphic Designer)

I am Jona Caspar Bähr. I just received my masters degree at the Muthesius University of Fine Arts and Design in Kiel  in graphic design, focusing mainly on printed matter. During my studies I already worked on various projects in the fields of art, music and literature. Last year I’ve started a small publishing practice project in which I already released (No. 01 to No. 06) and going to release even more photozines on various topics and together with different artists.

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Ken Bursley (Photographer)

I am Ken, in love with observing the world around me and getting in touch with places, people and their souls. The tools I choose are analogue cameras because they slow me down, make me reflect what I am doing and why. Photography and everything that surrounds the process of creating images is my form of expressing something inside of myself through others. It helped me to grow personally and share these life lessons with others. I’m a freedom loving nomad, inspired by following my intuition into the cold water of unknown situations again and again, this time at Papenwohld.

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Ment (Songwriter/Producer)

Songwriter and Producer Ment mixes dreamy synths, intricate melodies and floaty guitars to create arrangements that seem to bridge the gap between fragility and abounding strength. The Berlin-based artist with roots in Boston, MA has opened for artists like Rostam, the German artist Pohlmann and toured through Germany with her latest release “As The Words Come Through” (Unicorn, 2018), which was recorded at Sear Sound Studios, NYC.

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Mona Harry (Spoken Word)

Mona studied her Bachelor and Master degree in Philosophy and Fine Arts at Universität Hamburg and Hochschule für bildende Künste (HfbK). Since 2011 she is scholarship holder of the ‘Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes’. Since 2011 she is a Spoken Word Artist and Slam Poet on stages throughout the German-speaking countries. In 2015 she was finalist of the German speaking championships in Poetry Slam. Since 2013 she regularly presents and organizes events. In 2018 published „Norden und andere Richtungen“, as well as the children's book „Mutproben“.

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Paul Berberich (Producer, Saxophonist)

Born in 1985, Paul moved to New York City after graduating from high school and completed a one-year degree in humanities. Followed by a double course saxophone / flute and music pedagogy in Dresden. He is the founder and director of CONtrust (jazz orchestra, debut CD with JazzHausMusik). In addition, he plays saxophone plays ao. at THE BEAUTIFUL VIEW (VÖ at WhyPlayJazz et al., festival concept "KULTUR-RABAZZZ"), he is co-founder of the jazz collective Dresden, initiator of the radio series HEIMklang, graduated from the masterclass saxophone Dresden, is a member of the Omniversal Earkestra and KIM collective Berlin, toured in Europe, USA and India, and is also involved in various teaching and workshopping activities.

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Sera Kalo (Vocalist, Songwriter)

In 2005, Sera Kalo received a music scholarship to begin studying voice and piano performance in New York City. Her Caribbean heritage and diverse taste in music along with her classical and jazz vocal training gave her an unorthodox and open style in interpreting traditional styles of music. After college, she moved to Germany in 2009. Sera has toured globally with her singer-songwriting project, SoulSom, appeared as a semi-finalist on an internationally televised singing-competiton, and performs as guest soloist with various ensembles globally. Sera released her future soul debut album "Good Life" with Seraleez in 2016 on Agogo Records. Her latest album, an electronica collaboration called "Inner Space" in collaboration with Hubrist and Deep Locus Records was released April 2018 and her EP with Seraleez entitled, "So Precious" will be released this fall. Sera is currently working on her first solo album. Details coming soon.

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Tom Gatza (Composer, Producer)

Tom Gatza is a young composer and producer from Hamburg, Germany. His work ranges from being a session keyboard player (Glöde, Dan Patlansky, Tom Klose) to composing and producing music for theatre (Thalia Theater Hamburg) and artists, mainly residing in the genres Pop/Indie and Neo-Classical. With his new solo piano project „Tom Gatza“ he combines the minimalism of his theatre work with the emotion and dynamics of his influences from playing in Indie/Rock bands.

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Valquire Veljkovic (Producer, filmmaker, photographer, media artist)

Valquire Christopher Veljkovic is a Berlin based music producer (schœneberg) filmmaker, photographer and media artist. His body of work includes a great variety of photography, music- and fashion videos, media art performances, installations and music. After being dedicated to IT project development as CEO and CTO in several entrepreneurships, nowadays he concentrates on the creation of images, narrative films and music and runs valcons productions as an HQ for commissioned works. He is steadily involved in the Berlin underground art and music scene, most recently with the music project schœneberg and the former media art collective dev01ded, which is now his alter ego for VJing, creation of visuals and light concepts for live entertainment.

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VEE (Singer,  Songwriter)

VEE is a Berlin-based singer and songwriter who creates dark, futuristic avantgarde-RnB with trap influences. Between reverberated orchestral sounds and dry drum beats, accompanied by sultry downtempo bass lines, her fragile vocals carry the minimalistic arrangements. With a unique sound that is inspired by artists like Banks and FKA Twigs her music already was played by the London underground radio station RinseFM and the much-awarded ByteFM. She soon will release a first single together with a music video off of her EP that will be available at the end of the year.

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Yule Post (Multidisciplinary Artist)

Yule Post born in 1993 lives and works in Berlin, Germany. Yule, a multidisciplinary artist in music, performing arts and fine arts attempts to work ungoverned across different mediums. Her time spent abroad exploring new landscapes and mediums lent to the development of her improvisation and solo production practice. she discovered her strengths and developed her own style - using her voice as an instrument and has collaborated with a variety of different musicians, coming from all kinds of genres.

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